Guardian Spirit


Sweet guardian spirit paths cosmically collide,

access to see myself more clear and affirmation not to hide.

Boundaries, veils, and demons steer away from by my side,

heart blasting open soul protection through and wide.

Banshees and vampires couldn’t touch this Celestine,

words of understanding and freedom to stray away from war machines.

Ground your wisdom treefrog keep nourishment in mind,

bee kind fresh ancient being for meaning you will find.

Look within your expansive spectrum for the catalyst at the core,

plants speaking with intention to cease the never-ending wanting more.

Guardian tell me why this heavy why?

and why do the stars shine?

and why does greed mine?

and where do they draw the line?

and why exploit the vine?

and why this pain in my spine?

and why do ghouls lie?

Because polarity exists in a living planet of beasts,

and lightness will prevail, prepare for the feasts.

We will all raise the vibration with respect to wisdom keepers,

seeing all as equal humans and elevation of the reaper.

Don’t be afraid young star seed, the answers are all around you,

in the seashells and the mountains and in what you know if true.

Learn to be graceful and steady like the movement of rivers,

learn to be keen and agile balancing the love of the givers.

Walk a good path, ground curiosity with creation,

take action in your worth and imagine no lines between nations.

Be seen in your dance and the way you speak to father sky,

recognize what feeds you, there is only doing, no try.

There will be aggressive doubters, but they’re vexations to the soul,

stay true to those that love you: unconditional, honest, and full.

Time continues to move, lava continues to flow,

water will erode and hearts will grow and glow.

Change is fleeting and constant but don’t fear this loss of control,

minerals, animals, and plants: this Earth will swallow you whole.

But walk it with integrity, see and learn infinity,

we are all a part of the tribe, each containing sweet divinity.



Between waking and slumber, a lucid realm awaits. 

Of blue electric winds and fires out of place.

Astrology speaks the diviner is divine,

What you choose to remember is the key to blast past find.

Mayan serpents and yellow Eagles, the dragons have lessons too,

Don't leap before you fly, or the roof may come crashing through.

Astral waves and half moon haze are undulating without sound,

But practice wisdom deeply before departing the ground.

Running Jaguars, Gila monsters, and packs of wolfs have arrived,

Listen a la abejas, they have earthen honesty inside the hive.

Lapis. dolphins iguanas accentuate this azul wonderland,

Choose to channel mythology, reality, and jade turned into sand.

Everyday with open eyes verde vividness surrounds,

Bamboo turns to didgeridoos and tribal tambors pound.

Travel if you wish while curiosity fills the membranes,

Protect la huevo cosmico and record what you deem insane.

Espacio is no place for four or five elements,

These foster life and generate rainbows for teepees and tents.

Hace frio sin hermanas de la tierra,

Pozas turquesa and volcanic heat melt us como cera.

Falling in dreams assists in sensory expansion,

Disfruta templos y selvas And visions of monos in mansions..

Lucidity is a constant when we heal our conditioned view,

Equilibrio in consciousness, our dreams are potent too..