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Wise Woman Womb Botanicals: *Crystal Contraception!

  • Hã HAwi Apothecary Hawi, Hawaii (map)


Wise Woman Womb Botanicals: Crystal Contraception 

A course in herbal and natural contraceptive methods for incredibly effective and pleasant alternatives to westernized birth control. We will discuss the history and scientific findings of herbal supplements and contraceptive methods, emmenagogues, tracking methods and more, to discover a reliable system our ancestors have been using for ages. 

This is a 6-part course:

  1. Cycle-tracking, lunaception and fertility windows including physiology week by week and cervix wisdom. 
  2. Alternatives to tampons : sea sponges, free bleeding, cups, cotton pads and why observing our blood is a measure of understanding personal health and plays a role in tracking fertility cycles. 
  3. Neem : Our 1st line of defense for botanical contraception. An educational session on Neem oil and other natural spermicides including lemon and honey and various safe essential oils. 
  4. Implantation inhibition: Queen Anne’s lace history, safety, harvesting and usage. 
  5. Emmenagogues - Also known as a menstrual promoters, these herbs & methods can initiate menstruation for late/obstructed menses or suspected/confirmed pregnancies. Traditional the preferred method of birth control for our ancestors. What is an emmenagogue and when is the time to use them including safety and herbal info on mild and moderate medicines. 
  6. Strong emmenagogues + uterine contractors & stimulators safety and formulation for alternative abortifacients including Papaya, Juniper, Vitamin C, Dong Quai, Ginger, Parsley, and Mugwort.